Monday, 4 May 2015

Step by Step guide to Optimize Linkedin Profile to increase visibility

LinkedIn is quite effective tool if anyone looking to promote their business or even looking for a new job in these turbulent economic times. With more than 332 million registered users, LinkedIn is surpassing other platforms as the premier social media outlet for businesses. Many companies are finding customers through LinkedIn, which makes it critical for your profile to be found.

LinkedIn uses an internal set of algorithms to prioritize certain profiles over others, giving the businesses and individuals who have optimized their accounts correctly a leg up in using the service to find jobs, clients and more.  If you're using LinkedIn for any of these purposes, getting a strong ranking in its internal search results should be your top priority.  To really get the most from LinkedIn, you need to attract search engine traffic, and there are some minor tweaks you can make to your profile that will make all the difference in the level of search engine success you enjoy.

Implement following steps to boost the search results of your LinkedIn profile

Create Custom profile URL :

When you create a LinkedIn profile you get a unique LinkedIn URL which contain gibberish letters and numbers which is fine for LinkedIn itself in terms of keeping track of you but for real human visitors this means absolutely nothing, and from a human point of view, a string of numbers can be very difficult to remember. LinkedIn gives you option of creating what's called a vanity URL that changes numeric string to your name if that’s taken, try recognizable iterations of your name. The goal is to get a URL that is immediately identified as yours.

Fill Out your Profile completely

One of the most important ways to improve your position in LinkedIn's search results is to fill out your profile completely. Not only does this give LinkedIn additional opportunities to identify search-related keywords in your profile.
LinkedIn even has a tool to help you fill out the various fields and they provide helpful suggestions along the way. Take the time and write out clear, honest, and accurate information. Don’t go overboard and write extremely long and verbose descriptions. Add new content on a regular basis, but don't spam LinkedIn by adding a bunch of irrelevant content, but as news and information becomes available that's related to your job or your industry, then make sure to include it as part of your LinkedIn updates or blog.

Upload samples of your work, If you have videos/presentations/publications that qualify your expertise.

Expand the size of your network and Interact

you can actually improve your LinkedIn profile's visibility in the search results by expanding your network, Because LinkedIn looks at the size of your network. In particular, LinkedIn prefers to display results that have at least some connection with the search user -- even if these connections are only second or third level, rather than first level direct relationships.

Participate in groups. Simply joining a group isn't as beneficial to your search ranking as actively engaging with it. Make yourself prominent. Building a great profile and then abandoning it is just plain mistake. Don't do that!

Promote Your LinkedIn Profile

Put a link to your LinkedIn profile on your email signature, your Facebook, Twitter Google+ accounts and any websites you maintain to create inbound links.

Collect Endorsements and Recommendations

Endorsements increase the strength of your profile and help keep you connected to your network. While these may not have carry as much weight as other elements of your profile, endorsements help add to the overall value of your professional profile.  You can simply reach out to past and present colleagues for reviews it will make them happy that you sought out their input.

Upload a Picture

Use a clear picture to upload where people can see your face. Especially if you have a common name. Being one of 450 Priya without a picture isn’t going to help anyone find you.  Always remember to put a professional picture because LinkedIn is a professional network. Don't put a glamor shots or pictures of you taking shots at the shopping mall or a restaurant.

Share your content

 Sharing content on LinkedIn is an amazing way to interact with your connections and most importantly, drive traffic to your latest blogpost, web content, project, etc. You can also put your latest work into the projects section. This adds yet another link as well as some more relevant keywords that help LinkedIn to know more about you.

With follow through on these steps, you’ll likely receive more views and interaction. Good luck !
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