Tuesday, 3 February 2015

SEO Proof your website in few steps..!

Change is inevitable, unavoidable. We live in a world which keeps on changing, No matter how much we want to avoid it but we can't avoid it, and web is no exception to that. 

Few years back Flash animation were very popular, Web designer were using it quite frequently but soon it lost its charm because of its non-support to touch interface, lower power devices, and open protocols in the mobile era. This change was frustrating as all the flash friendly websites needed to update to stay competitive and contemporary.

As I said we can’t stop as well as avoid change, but there are certainly things which can help us to gain traffic and proof us in the fast changing world, and even increase the current version’s lifetime.


Following are some favorable features for long term web trends. 


Responsive Design 

Having a mobile friendly website is vital if you value mobile traffic and it is integral to a higher conversion rate. It has been a trend in last year and it is going to grow even more this in 2015 year.
It provides better user experience also Google is increasingly favouring mobile friendly websites in their search rankings and showing ‘mobile friendly’ labels in the mobile search results.

Website Speed

Website that loads quickly is of heightened importance as mobile use grows. By resizing images, utilizing caching, and a CDN you can speed up your website dramatically in a short period of time.

Social Media

Social media play very important role in SEO. Social media is a good source of referral traffic and serves to diversify your marketing mix. An active social profile is a good web property to rank for keywords and website ranking.


Proper Meta Tag Usage

Meta tags are one of the important elements of SEO. Meta tags have been around since long time. They have been a big part in search engine history. They were valued as a factor in rankings before – until people started abusing their use in getting on top of the SERPs. After that, Google opted meta tags out of the ranking factors. But it doesn’t reduce the importance of meta tag, it still play quite a big role in SEO.
Meta tags are the words that are hidden in your code. People browsing your site will just not be able to see them. The search engines still read them for it to have a simple, summarized idea of what your site is about and what exactly your keywords are.

Rich content with an Emphasis on Visuals

To acquire business,  It is very important to provide the information your customers are seeking on the Web. This not only helps your search engine traffic but also provides content for other marketing channels such as social media and email.

By having high quality content that draws in and retains visitors, your conversions and sales are likely to increase. And by emphasizing interesting visual content, your social networks can benefit from more shares and followers.


While it can seem difficult to stay up to date and have new features into your website, However by having a plan and keeping your website up to date, you’ll be better positioned for what lies ahead.

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