Monday, 21 July 2014

Top Reasons why you should outsource your Pay Per Click Account?

Pay-per-click advertising is the power that drives Google, Bing, Facebook, Linkedin and billions of dollars of business worldwide.

 It requires knowledge, expertise and good strategy to run a successful PPC campaign. If it is not done properly, you will find yourself paying outrageous cost per clicks ,  without getting first page bids  and you will receiving extremely low quality scores.

Top reasons which make your Pay Per Click campaign successful


It sound convenient to have someone in house to manage your PPC account but is it really worth of the cost you have to bear to hire someone experienced and competent to run your ppc campaign. You have to pay handsome salary, perk and other benefits. Whereas outsourcing your ppc account to experienced and competent professional team will cost you much less than what you have to pay for having in house team.

Better Performances

An agency has to deliver results week-in week-out or risk losing your business. Whereas in house employs have the  job security and you can’t  kick them out for mediocre performance. The pressure of delivering excellent results is constant in the agency and ultimately drives better performance.


To successfully optimize and maintenance of PPC account requires lot of involvement and dedication. It also requires at least 10-20 hours a week of consistent monitoring. Now Outsourcing your PPC Account can free up your time and allow you to focus on your core competency with a peace of mind that your PPC account is managed by professionals.

Higher Education and Training environment

The account Managers must know the latest developments in the industry and have deep knowledge and understanding of how to increase ROI. Agencies have a strong ethos towards learning new technology and development in the industry. Team workshops and learning sessions are a regular part of agency culture. Whereas the in-house environment typically lacks that, Which eventually reflects in the PPC campaign performance.

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